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Welcome to the San Jose Stamp Club’s new blog. This forum is taking the place of our newsletter. Club members have enjoyed a monthly newsletter for many years with the hard work of our editors. Our editors have done a fantastic job, but it is now time to take the club forward into the 21st Century. By moving to a blog from a traditional newsletter we will be able to post new information immediately instead of waiting for the monthly news cycle. This facilitates anyone writing posting. Also, it will give us the opportunity to reply, ask questions, and carry on a conversation about all postings and club events.

Not on-line? No worries, we are committed to keeping everyone up to date with monthly mailings of blog postings. The SJSC leadership values everyone and it wants to keep everyone informed. Everyone who needs a printed copy of the blog should call me to request this service.

There is considerable debate about the future of philately. I am convinced the hobby will fail if we don’t move forward. It is essential that we take advantage of new technologies and opportunities to communicate. This doesn’t change anything about what we love about philately. Our stamps and covers still hold all their history, interest and all the qualities we collect them for. What is changed is how we communicate. The blog will allow a dynamic interaction among ourselves and potential new members.

In combination with our website and Facebook page, the SJSC is moving ahead. Please check our webpage as Jim Steinwinder has added a LOT of cool new pages and resources. If you’re on Facebook, please put a “LIKE” on us to get very timely updates on club activities and philatelic news.

I welcome and encourage your response and thinking about this form of communication.


Brian Jones
President, San Jose Stamp Club

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